An Afternoon with a Certified Pinoy International Visual Artist / by ALARICE FRANCISCO

Written by: Dennis Garcia
Date: September 26, 2017

The 70s was a great decade to work in advertising.

As I look back, I tell myself that I sure was lucky.

(There is a strong possibility that… maybe, just maybe, I may have caught some of the creativity in the air at that time – by osmosis.)

I was a 17-year old copy writer in an ad agency populated by some of the Philippines’ masters in art. Big names, certified heavies and real movers: Jerry Navarro, Romulo Olazo, Cris Cruz… and a quiet young artist working in a noisy corner of the art bull pen.

His name was Edwin Wilwayco and he was one of the artists who first got me interested in art when he gave me… repeat, gave (not sold) one of his earliest work.

I finally met up with him after decades of no contact… and in a span of over two hours, I got into the head of my dear friend and distilled the reasons why discriminating art lovers would readily part with their P500K and upwards to own one of his masterpieces.

Let me share my “learnings”.